Reporting problems with the Locations (Locations Plugin) field in the Custom Wizard Plugin

I’m trying to implement a joining wizard where new folk are asked for their location and this is then added to their geo_location user custom field (which is automatically created by the Locations plugin)

Here is the simple Wizard:
Location.json (655 Bytes)

I’ve encountered these challenges:

Fields: Forced use of location_input_fields

Fields: Input (sub-)fields are inappropriately mandatory in the wizard

Minor UX issue: list of addresses too short

Actions: Update Profile. No option for geo_location field

Actions: Update Profile. Unusual .json input is put into the geo_location UCF

@angus, you might want to comment - how should this work?

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@nathank This is helpful as always, however could I ask you to try and break down these analyses a bit? Specific, focused, bug reports, if you think you’ve found a bug, are much more actionable.

Happy to break them down - I’ve done a separate topic for each now. These reports take quite a lot of time and energy to get clear and actionable! Even more to sift through and fix though, I know.

This particular topic I’ve reframed as just the ‘biggest’ issue I had (the deal-breaker) when trying to utilise the CWP to get geolocations into user profiles.

I know, and I really appreciate the time you put into them. It’s just that from an implementation perspective, it’s a matter of time management across not just this report, but about 10 reports (of different types).

If one of those reports is something you need to digest, analyse and think about before doing something it’s going to change its valence in the prioritisation of those 10 reports in the course of a day.

Maybe submit this useful overall narrative, then break out the bug report into a dedicated topic? Both are useful in their own way.

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Done! As you can see, I’ve linked to the other topics.

And yes, it is definitely worth discussing the best way to report bugs / UX suggestions / feature requests. The path to open source success is paved with partnership!

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Thank you!

I’ll get to some of these myself asap. And try to assign as appropriate.

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