Bug: geo_location data not saved correctly in user custom field

With the latest CWP and Locations plugins, on Tests-Passed,

When these occur:

  1. a Locations Field is configured
  2. this presented in a simple Wizard
  3. in Update Profile there is a Custom mapping like this:

The .json data in the geo_location field unfortunately does not result in the location being presented in the user profile, card, or summary. See below for examples:

When data is inputed via /my/preferences/profile:

{"lat":"-45.8740984","lon":"170.5035755","address":"Dunedin, Dunedin City, Otago, 9016, New Zealand","countrycode":"nz","city":"Dunedin","state":"Otago","country":"New Zealand","postalcode":"9016","boundingbox":["-46.0340984","-45.7140984","170.3435755","170.6635755"],"type":"city"}

This shows in the map, on the user cards / profile, and in /my/preferences/profile nicely

When the data gets there via the Wizard Custom mapping as above

{"city":"Dunedin","geo_location":{"lat":"-45.8740984","lon":"170.5035755","address":"Dunedin, Dunedin City, Otago, 9016, New Zealand","countrycode":"nz","city":"Dunedin","state":"Otago","country":"New Zealand","postalcode":"9016","boundingbox":["-46.0340984","-45.7140984","170.3435755","170.6635755"],"type":"city","selected":"true","zoomTo":"true"}}

This doesn’t show up at all on the map, shows as a ‘blank’ in the user cards / profile, and appears blank in /my/preferences/profile:



Basically, it seems to include the input sub-field in an unhelpful way, with geo_location nested one level deeper.

Perhaps this is only designed for Topics, not users - and this is a feature request.


Are you aware if this working better on a prior version of CW? ie is this a regression or was it possibly always this way?

The data extracts are really useful, thanks.

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I’m not sure sorry; I’ve tried to get this working in the past, but thought I failed due to my inadequate config work.

This is the first time I’ve really investigated it.

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Rob, any idea when this might get addressed?

I need to get a user location updating wizard up and going soon.

Sorry I don’t have time to look at this for at least two weeks

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Looking at Locations atm, will try to sweep this up as part of that.

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@NathanK you are right in that the User Custom Field appears to be just “Geolocation”, e.g.:

  id: 9893,
  user_id: 3093,
  name: "geo_location",
   "{\"lat\":\"53.4071991\",\"lon\":\"-2.99168\",\"address\":\"Liverpool, Liverpool City Region, England, United Kingdom\",\"countrycode\":\"gb\",\"city\":\"Liverpool\",\"state\":\"England\",\"country\":\"United Kingdom\",\"postalcode\":\"\",\"boundingbox\":[\"53.3115427\",\"53.4749885\",\"-3.0191726\",\"-2.8180003\"],\"type\":\"administrative\"}"

Whereas the Topic location data seem to duplicate … and has a wrapper called ‘location’.

  id: 2273,
  topic_id: 20622,
  name: "location",
   "{\"street\":\"liver building\",\"countrycode\":\"gb\",\"geo_location\":{\"lat\":53.40583705,\"lon\":-2.995885834237245,\"address\":\"Royal Liver Building, Saint Nicholas Place, Vauxhall, Liverpool, Liverpool City Region, England, L3 1HU, United Kingdom\",\"countrycode\":\"gb\",\"city\":\"Liverpool\",\"state\":\"England\",\"country\":\"United Kingdom\",\"postalcode\":\"L3 1HU\",\"boundingbox\":[\"53.4054389\",\"53.4062298\",\"-2.9966295\",\"-2.9951429\"],\"type\":\"attraction\",\"selected\":true,\"zoomTo\":true}}",
  created_at: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 14:00:07.158098000 UTC +00:00,
  updated_at: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 14:00:07.158098000 UTC +00:00>,

what’s also interesting is this code:

  clearModal() {
      name: null,
      street: null,
      neighbourhood: null,
      postalcode: null,
      city: null,
      state: null,
      countrycode: null,
      geoLocation: { lat: "", lon: "" },
      rawLocation: null,

it’s as if geoLocation was never meant to have the rest of the fields?

@angus I’m mid a major-ish refactoring job atm and the purpose of this difference would be really useful info - why is there a “street” and a “geolocation: street” for example?

This may present a problem in that we can’t simply re-use the same infra in, for example, CW to handle them both without some checks and difference in reference which may get a bit clunky?

@NathanK this PR was a lot more work than I anticipated, so I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to look at this discrepancy right now, I’m simply under too great a work load.

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No problem - I’ve noticed that you’ve been beavering away at that for a few days! And I’m not in a rush - very much in the ‘nice to have one day’ bucket.

And this CWP / user location thing looks like a bit of a deeper problem too.

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Thanks for your understanding. Let’s see what Angus says about the discrepancy.

Well brought up!

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@merefield @NathanK Guys, we shouldn’t be investing time in this right now. @merefield I need your help to get the subscriptions stuff done and dusted.

A seamless integration between the Custom Wizard and Locations for the purpose of populating user location data is a feature request which we don’t have capacity for at the moment.

Please put this on hold.


@angus this is coming up again because of a client … so an opportunity perhaps to get this to work for Users.

Can you confirm this was always only a Topic concept in CW?

I note in the schema this:

    create_topic: {
      title: null,
      post: null,
      post_builder: null,
      post_template: null,
      category: null,
      tags: null,
      visible: null,
      custom_fields: null,
      skip_redirect: null,
      suppress_notifications: null,
      add_event: null,
      add_location: null,

but there is nothing explicit for Users

The client may also want to automatically assign timezone as part of location input, which is an interesting request.

(cc: @Bhanu)


Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by “Users” here?

Was users recording their location (for profile and users map) via the wizard ever a thing?

It is clear topic location was, but not users.

Not that I recall, no. I don’t think we’ve ever supported that exactly. It may have been possible using custom fields somehow, but the locations integration was focused on topic locations.

Supporting user locations shouldn’t be too hard though. It may be possible if you set up custom fields in the right way using the update profile action?

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Yeah, I thought so, but sure, let’s see if we can get it to work in any case.

It’s presently broken for Topics so I’m focussing on that since it is explicitly supported.

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Please note, User Locations is not supported afaik.

Topic Location relies on this UI on this bespoke UI under “Create Topic”:

An equivalent does not exist for User Locations.