Daylight savings time / recurring event

On March 23, the Events plugin updated the date/time for the Organisation meeting on April 3

 101965 |     0 |       1 | Finished syncing internal with Organisation. Created 0 topics and updated 2 topics for the Events plugin.     | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.464747 | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.464747
discourse=# select * from topic_custom_fields where topic_id=2572;                                                                                                                
  id  | topic_id |    name     |   value    |         created_at         |         updated_at         
 1009 |     2572 | event_end   | 1680534000 | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.452406 | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.452406
 1008 |     2572 | event_start | 1680530400 | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.448444 | 2023-03-20 15:08:15.448444

This is incorrect. 1680530400 is Mon Apr 3 14:00:00 UTC 2023 and 1680534000 is 15:00 UTC, and the meeting is at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CE(S)T)

My guess is that there is a daylight savings time issue somewhere, since the event was updated before DST happened and the event occurs after DST happened.

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Don’t know the details of this issue, but I had an issue with recurring events on a client instance and found one aspect that seemed not so intuitive at first: if you set an event time in UTC then the time will be off over the clock change. Because UTC is not adjusted, but the local time after the change will be UTC+1. If you pick an actual place like Paris or London, then the event will stay on the same time.

It’s the same with the US timezones, where for example they have Pacific and Pacific Daylight, but if you pick either the event will be fixed on it and the actual time after clock change will be off. When you pick LA, the time stays the same, e.g. always 5pm in LA.

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I’m pretty sure that this was the same issue as mine:

Therefore this should be closed. We might not actually work that out for certain until the next daylight savings change, but that is okay.

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