Calendar and Agenda stopped working

After updating to Discourse 3.2.0.beta4-dev with the latest Events version (0.2.11), the Calendar and Agenda views in my Discourse Events stopped rendering.

I’m seeing deprecation events in the console due to the usage of render, renderTemplate, registerUnbound, controller:navigation/category and controler:discovery/topics:

I’m not sure if these errors were already present before or not. Is anyone else having issues or have any solutions?

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Thanks for the report!

Unfortunately, Events seems to be another casualty of the significant changes in the Discourse core recently.

The Pavilion team are working their way through the impacted plugins, but we aren’t sure when Events will be back to 100% sorry.


I have just rollback from version 3.2.0+beta4 to 3.2.0+beta2 (commit be04154838c2e5a38cd544770d3290a9e2801241).

Everything went well and the calendar is back up and running.

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I’ve since learned that this isn’t a recommended path, as it introduces risks of database compatibility issues.

I’ve removed it from the post above.

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