All day events are changed from one to two days on import when timezones differ


Discourse Version: 3.1.0.beta3 ( 6b9dd22ba7 )

Plugin Commit: 0.2.4

Steps to Reproduce

  • add an all-day event (Apr 28 - Apr 28) to an external calendar (Nextcloud) in ET time zone
  • import/update events via .ics sync to discourse in CET time zone
  • view event from ET time zone

The single day all-day event for April 28 now is a two-day all-day event, spanning from April 27 to April 28 on Discourse.

I think all-day events should disregard time zone information.


I fixed the time of the event manually, so I can’t provide an example where it’s broken.



Thanks for reporting that!

I’m pretty sure that this is due to the daylight savings issues that have already been identified; if the hour is shifted by one it will appear to span two days

I might be wrong and this might be a new issue; either way, please be patient. The team is not able to look into this right now.

Glad you could sort it locally for now!

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Is this still a problem for you? I wonder if the daylight savings fix has made it go away, or if it is a completely separate issue.

It is tricky to know how all day events should be presented in different timezones - but that is a separate discussion. I’ve renamed this to reflect that for now and removed the #issue tag

Unfortunately the problem persists after upgrading today.

On the source calendar, the event is an all-day event on April 28. Upon sync, the plugin creates an event that is still an all-day event, but it’s now 2 days long, April 27-28.

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Ok, that does sound like a long term problem. I’ve made it an #issue again.

It still begs the question:

How should all day events be represented in other timezones?

I’m with you, I think that they should remain a single day regardless of the timezone.

And if you happen to live near the international dateline, then don’t use all day events unless you want to confuse folks on the other side!

Could this be a bug in feature from the calendar plugin?

From Discourse Calendar - plugin - Discourse Meta

No, I use the Pavilion Events plugin.