Wizard Manager

You can manage wizards, including exporting, importing and bulk deleting in the Wizard Manager.

Export Wizards

To export wizards, check the “export” checkboxes next to the wizards you wish to export, then click “Export” above the export list.

This will initiate a download of the selected wizards in a single wizards.json file with the name:


A wizards.json file is a JSON array, containing wizard templates. The valid attributes of wizard templates are listed in the code here.

Import wizards

To import wizards click the “Select wizards.json” button, select a wizards.json file, then click the “Import” button.

Once the import is complete you’ll get a report on which of the wizards in the wizards.json file was imported. Here are some reasons why an import will not succeed:

  1. id conflict. Wizards cannot have the same id. The import tool assumes that you do not want to replace a saved wizard with an imported wizard, so it rejects imported wizards with conflicting ids. If you do want to override a saved wizard, first delete the saved wizard then import the new one.

  2. Invalid format. Wizards.json file validation requires the following:

    • a valid JSON array of wizard templates;
    • wizard templates may only have valid wizard attributes and
    • wizard templates must have required wizard attributes

Destroy wizards

You can destroy wizards in the Wizard Admin UI, however to make it easier to manage multiple wizards, you can bulk-destroy wizards in the Wizard Manager. Check the “destroy” checkboxes next to the wizards you wish to destroy and then click “Destroy”.

Once the destruction is complete you’ll get a report on which of the wizard templates were destroyed.

If Destroy Wizards fails

Occasionally you might not be able to destroy a wizard via the UI; this command via the Rails console (use at your own risk after a backup) will allow you to directly:

Reveal Rails console command

PluginStoreRow.where(plugin_name: 'custom_wizard',key: '=faultyID=').destroy_all

How to disable a wizard without destroy it? I still want to check the submission and logs on site in some cases. :thinking:Currently I set the premission only to admin group. Would like to know if there is an disable option.

This is a very late answer, sorry!

What you’ve done will work nicely, but is only available if you have a subscription.

The alternative is to download the submissions and then delete the wizard. But you’ll lose the logs, unfortunately. However, if you restore the Wizard from a file, I think that the data will still be in the database table - and the logs / submissions will be restored.