Wizard Administration

Three areas have settings to control the Custom Wizard Plugin:

  1. Most are in the Wizard Administration Panel
  2. Site settings - there are just 4 of these
  3. Category settings - just one

Administration Panel

Custom wizards are administered in the “Wizards” admin panel.

  • Wizards: The main administration panel, where you can create, edit and remove wizards. Read more on the settings in the panel here:

  • Submissions: Where you can view all user submissions to your wizards, and download them as JSON file(s).

  • Logs: Where you can view logs generated by your wizards, mainly concerning the result of actions.

  • Transfer: Where you can export and import wizards

Site Settings

  • custom_wizard_enabled: Disable this to prevent custom wizards from being used.

  • wizard_redirect_exclude_paths: Paths that cannot be redirected to from a wizard.

  • wizard_recognised_image_upload_formats: Upload types that will treated as images.

  • wizard_apis_enabled: Enable wizard API features. This is experimental and has not been thoroughly tested. Use with caution.

There are some additional features

Category Settings

There is only one category setting associated with the Custom Wizard Plugin:

Replace New Topic Composer

This allows you to select a Wizard to replace the New Topic functionality for that category:


It works by redirecting the user to the specified wizard when the + New Topic button is hit.

When this setting is active, that category does not appear in the composer dropdowns for most users. For staff it is a little different:

  1. Staff can move topics into the category without issue.

  2. Staff still see all the categories in the composer dropdown but if they try and post in the category with this active they get this message:

Thank you @angus for the very useful plugin.

I am wondering if you can an example on how to use the API to send submission to google sheet. I tried to Authorization but not working. thanks.

Hello @angus and thank you for your fantastic work! I am new to Discoure and find many features with pavilion. :+1:
I’m trying to use a custom assistant and I have two issues:

  • I can’t display the wizard page
  • the notification appears on the page with missing values ( %{site_name} %{wizard_url} %[wizard_name])
    Do you have an idea to solve my problem?
    Thank for your help !
    I will share my example (collect GDPR consent for users created before the installation of discourse legal-tools. I have created user fields and I want to update them using the custom wizard plugin - it works on rails console :+1:)

I solved the first problem with the time function that I had not used correctly. For the other problem, it may be from the API which is not yet operational?

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Added a section on category settings after @jumagura’s nice tweak of the wizard - new topic functionality: