What public categories should coop.pavilion.tech have?

@members As we now have a dedicated forum for the coop we have the opportunity to have some pubilc discussions about some of the things we do in order to include more stakeholders in the coop in what we do. This could lead in a few directions including:

  • Other stakeholders feeling more invested in the organisation (i.e. creating good will)
  • New ideas and different perspectives
  • Potentially a new class of membership down the line (potentially a class with a membership fee)

The question is what categorie(s) of discussion do we want to have publicly? When I was making this topic I thought it might be good to get external input for example

Interested in your thoughts


We should definitely have a public summary for each general meeting,

I think a good rule of thumb may be to make sure that people who are directly impacted by some decision should be able to voice their opinion at some point.

So a category that’s about: “Hey we’re discussing this issue, it might impact you, join in on it.”

Arguably concerns generated externally (i.e. topics started by community members) belong somewhere else, maybe two subcategories?

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