Unable to translate "done" button correctly.


Discourse Version: 3.1.0.beta3

Plugin Commit: 2.2.19

Steps to Reproduce


I have translated the “done” text in the plugin, but after translation the “done” icon still looks not tranlated correctly, check:

also i have another concern regard this plugin, if i want to redirect specific user to payment using coinbase.com





no error

I suspect that this is not a bug in the Custom Wizard plugin but a bug in the standard Wizard functionality, see Setup wizard text customizations - bug - Discourse Meta

Can you please elaborate on this?

Yes, looks like a bug in the standard Wizard functionality, but still unable to findout how to fix it ?

regard payment using coinbase.com im looking to make specific type of clients through (Custom Wizard) to be redirected to pay $10 after registeration to complete the group fees, and this group fees costs $10… so once they complete the Custom Wizard information; they will be forward to coinbase to complete the payment in btc and admin will confirm the registration fees.

Is that possible ?