Unable to post in #Support

It is currently not possible to post a new topic in #support or its subcategories.

This is probably due to no Wizard being implemented / switched on, but is resulting in folk posting in GitHub instead. Is that what you want?

It usually works best to have a single obvious place to post issues, etc, so folk don’t duplicate and ongoing discussion / follow-up works nicely. Probably doesn’t matter where (although GitHub will probably exclude the less technically minded somewhat).

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it’s certainly not intentional.
I have added create topic permissions to the support subcategories.

We still want to keep the bug report wizard (I will work on it tomorrow) but given the fact that we want to allow feature requests and “how to” type questions as well, the bug report wizard should not be the only way to post.

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There is a bug report wizard, but it just needs to be linked in the right places. Go to /w/bug-report or click the “Report an issue” button in Plugins.

*edit. If you click “new topic” in #support you’ll also be taken to the bug report wizard now (this is a CW feature).


Can you please disable that @angus , it prohibits people from asking questions or suggesting improvements, both which I highly appreciate. I would like for people to be able to create regular posts next to bugs they submit using the CW. See my post above yours

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Ok. For future reference it’s in the general category settings.


We’ve still got a problem here that needs a bit more attention.

Issue: Support dead end

When I click the :ring_buoy: Support button under Community, I land in #support.

While this is good, the user can’t post here and it is unclear what they should do next:

What would help:

  1. A category description and image for #support to explain the purpose / intent

  2. Ability to post in the #support category or an explainer as to what to do instead

    • i.e. “Choose a subcategory and post your question there”
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Yes, one of the things that’s still on my “list” is to make some changes that guide people in the right direction (including the bug report wizard which currently only can do CW and Events). For now I will open up write access to #support.

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