Trying merge_events_integration


I would like to try out the merge_events_integration branch. My idea behind this topic is to have an open, visible conversation with the questions and problems and ideas that come up, so they can be answered for everyone who starts using this branch.

I was in contact with @angus and @richard about using this here.

Before I go ahead, I have the following questions (I checkmark them, when they are answered)

  • Can this branch use the data from the main branch? Can I just change the branch without loosing events?
  • If I decide to move back to the main branch, is this possible? Will events be corrupted, will they stay?
  • If it is not possible to move back to main, how likely is it that this branch is working in the future and will be compatible to new releases?

Thanks so much for your support already!

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I’m on the same page (and branch) - it would be great to have an open space to share the issues we encounter and the state of play with them.

The data seems to be consistent across branches. Once it is merged, it would be wise to move over to the new main branch (for new updates and fixes), and the data should stay sweet.

I did run into some problems due to previously installing the (beta) Events Integration plugin, but that was sorted for me by @angus and I think he has fixed the underlying issue.

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I’ve moved to the current main branch, and all good on the database front!