Translation for Custom Wizard

I noticed that some parts of the custom wizard are still in English.

I did the translation into German about 2 years ago and I just now checked it again under
but it says, that 100% are translated into German. Therefore I assume that you did not update the data there so that new strings cannot yet be translated like the “You’re viewing …”, “Check out …”, the “Edit Columns” Button, …
Could you please check it.

I had also done in the past the translations for “Legal Tools” and “Locations”, maybe all your projects in crowdin should be checked and eventually updated.

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Thanks Guido - we appreciate you bringing that to our attention and your implied offer to help us sort it.

We’ll get back to you on this, but I’m not sure exactly when sorry.

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It seems the repository sync was broken. I have recovered it but the synchronization back to Github seems to have a lot of issues. We’re going to discuss internally how to proceed with this.