Topic rendering crashes halfway

When a link to a journal topic is clicked while you are in another topic, then the rendering of the topic crashes halfway. The topic title is replaced but the posts are not.

Pressing refresh in the browser after this happens will render the topic correctly.

I put the link in a PM for this example but the most common way where this happens is when a notification is being clicked.

If you’re on a topic list when you click the link then the topic will render correctly.

The offending line is here:

let showingComments = showComments.indexOf(p.entry_post_id) > -1;

Discourse v 3.1.3 (stable, 4f64a829)
Journal 9918069 (current when stable was released)

I’ll take a look at this the week after the week after next :slight_smile:


Ok, I took a look at this and pushed a fix for the immediate issue.

Here’s a recording of the plugin working on the latest stable

@jrgong Going forward, to ensure ongoing compatibility, have a chat with @Bhanu about setting up a support contract. We could perhaps work out some kind of deal to cover this and other plugins (not covered by a subscription) :+1:


I can confirm that the issue is gone now. Thank you Angus!!!

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