🗞 Topic Lists Widget

The Topic List Widget lets you display topic list(s) in a sidebar. You can see an example of it here:

Follow this guide to install and administer this widget: Installation and Setup.

Topic Lists

You can add topic lists both horizontally and vertically (or both!).


The syntax for adding a widget is


The title can be any text string. The path is the path (the part of the after the .com) of the topic list you want to display. Do not include a slash at the start.

For example if you wanted to display the a topic list for the category “Site Feedback”, you would add:


This will produce a list with the title “Feedback”, displaying the topics at forum.com/c/site-feedback, up to a maximum of 4 topics.

You toggle between the lists by clicking on the list title.


You can add multiple lists in a horizontal row by adding them to the same setting line, separated by a colon :.





You add add lists vertically by adding additional setting lines.

Example Setting


Example Display


If I have multiple topic lists for different categories, can I create multiple widgets (one for a category) and show only chosen widget within a specific category?

I see the “topic lists” setting in the “Theme Settings” and wonder how can I achieve the goal?

I thought that it would be possible by hiding some blocks in css, but there is no id numbers or classes in the code of the widget - only titles.

<div id="ember96" class="sidebar-container ember-view">
<div class="sidebar-content" data-click-outside="true">
<div class="widget-container layouts-topic-lists">
<div class="widget-inner">
<div class="list-group">
<div class="list-titles">
<a class="widget-link list-title active" href="" title="">Blog</a></div>
<div class="lists">
<div class="layouts-topic-list-widget active">
<ul><li class="">
<a class="widget-link layouts-topic" href="" title="">
<span dir="ltr">...

Can you suggest any solution?

Hey Ed,

Yes, this is possible if you only have a few topic lists you want to selectively show on a category basis. If it’s many, this is not current possible… The way to achieve this if it’s a few is via the Layouts Settings, which has category-based filtering. What you need to do is this.

  1. Clone the topic list widget theme component repository for the topic lists you want. Call them different things, e.g. topic-list-1-widget, topic-list-2-widget etc.

  2. Install them as seperate widgets.

  3. Show / hide them on a per-category basis using the categories widget setting


Possible to list topics from /my/activity/portfolio?