Timezone glitch after recent Daylight savings switch


Discourse Version: 3.1.0.beta3

Plugin Commit: a56a786

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Insert a date/time into a post.
  2. The date/time is incorrect in other timezones (as though DST hasn’t changed last week)
  3. Turn off the Events plugin
  4. The date/time now shows other timezones correctly



When I (from NZ) use these dates (same UTC):

[date-range from=2023-04-12T21:00:00 to=2023-04-12T22:00:00 timezone="Pacific/Auckland"]
[date-range from=2023-04-12T11:00:00 to=2023-04-12T12:00:00 timezone="Europe/Amsterdam"]

We get this:
Screenshot 2023-04-08 04.06.58

When the Events plugin is turned off, we get this (i.e. works fine):
Screenshot 2023-04-08 04.06.14


Nothing in logs


This seems to only be an issue when one crosses the equator.

Events / times are displayed okay in the forum locally.

However, local calendar entries from Add to Calendar (both iCal & Google Calendar) show daylight savings time inappropriately and thus are one hour out. Something is definitely awry - in a way that makes this plugin pretty compromised.

Can you elaborate on this? This afternoons org meeting is showing the wrong time for me

I reproduced this here on coop, and just pushed a fix

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Yay!!! Brilliant! It is now working well when I test it across all those different uses.

Thank you for addressing this, Angus!