The Website field is duplicated on user cards


Discourse Version: 3.1.0.beta1

Plugin Commit: 53d28e930019d88cb7ad01ef83ef702ab22d84eb

Steps to Reproduce

When the locations plugin is turned ‘on’ and I click on a user avatar, I see the location duplicated on the user card


Rob has access.

I’ve seen this pattern before about a year or two ago. Can’t remember what it was though.


Nothing of value in any logs that I can see

I can confirm that this is still a problem following the commit yesterday.

Hmmm … cannot reproduce this so far.

It is definitely a thing.

The only setting that seems to make it go away is turning off the locations plugin.

I can hide the offending duplication using CSS (which might give you a clue):

// remove duplicate link on user card
div.user-card-location-and-website-outlet.replace-location {
    display: none;

Are you sure there’s no clash with something else? Have you cleared your browser cache? Can you see it on a completely fresh device? Can you disable everything else and re-add one by one to find the culprit? Be especially wary of anything which changes the User Card in any way.

Nathan, are you trialling the new User Card or something? that’s not yet supported

I didn’t know that there was one!

I’ll go and take a deeper look soon; now that I’ve successfully suppressed the offending duplication, the urgency has abated.

Looping back to this, it seems to be fixed now and I don’t have the duplication occuring any more.