Pavilion’s teams are there to ensure that important concerns in the co-operative don’t get neglected. The teams manage their work on

Current teams

The current teams are:

Subordinate to members

Teams are subordinate to members of the co-operative. Teams are backstops and facilitators, not managers or executives. Any member can make a project proposal to the members in general meeting that conflicts with the work of a team. If the members accept the proposal the team must comply with it.

Report to members

All teams must report to the members at each of the four general meetings in the year.

Joining a team

Any member can apply to join a team by reaching out to the current team members. Each team can decide how they wish to judge applicants. If a member’s application to join a team is rejected, they may submit a motion to the members in general meeting to require the team to accept the member.

Team management

Teams may decide how they are managed. If a member thinks a team’s management needs to be changed, and they have been unable to persuade the current members of the team, they may submit a motion to the members in a general meeting to require the team to accept a new style of management.

Shared work

Participating in team meetings, or similar team decision making processes, counts towards a member’s shared work. Outside of meetings and decision making processes, some work associated with a team will already qualify as shared work. For work that is neither a decision making process or already shared work, a team may designate work as shared work.

All work designated as shared work by a team must be noted and explained in the team’s report to the members in general meeting. The members will vote on whether the work qualifies as shared work. If the vote does not pass, the members who performed the work can still count existing work performed as shared work, however they cannot continue to count it as shared work.

New Teams

Any member can propose the co-operative create a new team and submit it to the members in a general meeting for approval.