🏷️ Tag List Widget

:eyeglasses: Overview

The Tag List Layouts Widget allows you to display site tags in the sidebar. See the installation guide to learn how to install and administer this widget.

:gear: Settings

There are a couple settings that you can configure to customize how the tag list widget appears in the layout.

:see_no_evil: Hidden Tags

Select tags from the dropdown you wish to have hidden from the sidebar.

:hash: Show Count

Toggling this setting will display the number of topics for each tag beside the tag item.

:signal_strength: Sort Type

Select the manner in which tags should be sorted.

Options include:

  • Count Ascending
  • Count Descending
  • Alphabetical Ascending
  • Alphabetical Descending

:page_facing_up: Display Style

Select between a column or row style layout to display your tags.



Sweet!! This is awesome.

Excellent work, thank you :clap:

“List tags by group” causes this Layouts Tag List Widget to not find any tags if all tags are in a group (no ungrouped “Other Tags” exist).

I like to differentiate tags with different style sets. This needs to target the data-tag-name attribute, as there are no individual classes for each tag. Here’s a view of the topic list with styled tags next to tags on the sidebar widget:


So the tags on the widget only pick up the common tag style, but not the specific styles. Would it be an option to include the data-attribute on the widget as well, so specifically styled tags show up with that style?

For sure! This is a useful + simple change. I’ve updated the widget with this commit:

:sunglasses: :dizzy: