Tag groups stopped working


Discourse Version: 1c9f3008

Plugin Commit: ebea3e66

Steps to Reproduce

I have a wizard that allows users to select a tag that is limited to a certain tag group, which has been working. After upgrading today it no longer works, no tags show up in the drop down.



Nothing relevant in logs or console

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Thanks for the report @davidkingham I’m looking at this now.

@davidkingham This should fix it. Please update to the latest and ensure that the relevant tag group appears in the wizard settings in your admin panel (you may have to re-save it)

Thanks Angus, I see you commited this, but it’s not showing up as an update, any idea why?

@angus looks like you were on the wrong branch

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:man_facepalming: sorry @davidkingham. You should be able to update now (the commit is on the right branch).

Thank Angus, unfortunately, it is still not working.

What happens when you enter something in the input in the last screenshot?

The reason I ask is because in my testing, it is working as expected now. I’ve set up an example on test.pavilion.tech


No tags are found, even as admin:

Would you mind granting me admin access temporarily again so I can take a closer look?

This is done, thanks Angus!

The reason no matches were coming up is because you had that tag group set as restricted to your Weekly Challenge category. Tags that are restricted to a category won’t appear in the dropdown. I just removed that restriction and the tags appear now.

Currently the wizard tag dropdown doesn’t work with the category tag setting in the way your use here was anticipating. The basic reason is that wizard fields are independent from wizard actions, so even if you have a “create topic” action for the relevant category set up the tag dropdown doesn’t take that into account when generating the list of tags.

We could possibly add support for making them interoperable in the way you’re anticipating here, but not immediately. How important would that be to you?

*note that the wizard tag dropdown does work fine with the other category tag setting you’re using there

You can remove my admin access again.

Thanks Angus, that’s rather strange since it was working that way for several weeks and I did nothing but rebuild, that’s why I thought it was a bug. Either way, since I’m using wizards almost exclusively for topic creation now, the setting you changed is not a big deal and shouldn’t affect me, so no need to prioritize that. I appreciate you looking into this.