Support for multi-select fields

It would be very helpful to have the Custom Wizard Plugin support multi-select user custom fields.

Multi-select user custom fields have been present in Discourse core for one year now, and are very useful. Several things have had to be refactored to take this into account. Here is one example:

I can see two areas where this would be helpful:

Multi-select dropdown fields in a Wizard

At present, I believe that only the category selector allows multi-select. Users, groups and tags might (they didn’t when I last looked - must go back and look again).

Multi-select dropdown fields would allow more complex survey questions, and allow more complex data entry into user custom fields when needed.

Ability to interact with existing multi-select custom user fields

It would be helpful if these could be used with conditionality.

It would also be helpful to be able to interpolate them successfully.

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I haven’t found an answer while reading the documentation and experimenting with the Custom Wizard Plugin on my forum page, so I thought I’ll ask here:

Is it possible to create a multiple-choice field where the user can select multiple answers as correct/applicable? I’ve been using the Dropdown menu but unfortunately, while it provides multiple possible answers the user can only select one single choice.

Hey James, that’s not currently a field type, however it’s been something at the back of my mind for years. I’ll see if we can fit it in to our plans.

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Hey Angus

Thank you for your reply! Yeah, that’d be grand because we use the wizard for a variety of forms, most of which could benefit a lot from a true multiple choice field. :slightly_smiling_face:

Side note: it would also be amazing if the drop down field and a future multiple choice field would offer an option to let the user still type a unique answer.


  • Answer 1: preset by admin
  • Answer 2: preset by admin
  • Answer 3: preset by admin
  • Answer 4: can be filled out by the user
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