Subscribe to specific category over iCal link

First at all thanks a lot for sharing this amazing plugin.

I am trying to subscribe to specific (sub)category on my discourse instance.

When I enter to specific category and copy link it give me link with path to category I want to subscribe



I create webcal API Keys and add as param to url.
My client is Thunderbird and I do get subscription and get events, but I get all events from all categories ?

Is there a way to subscribe just to specific category if we have multiple calendars on discource instance.

My discource is on Latest version ( 3.2.0.beta2-dev) and
discourse-events is on versuon 0.2.5 ad75d20

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Thanks for asking that, @Admir.

What you are trying to do is what I believe is the intent of that functionality, i.e. you are meant to be able to subscribe to individual category’s calendar. However, it is possible that it isn’t quite achieving that at the moment. But to be honest, I’ve never actually tried to do it myself.

I’ll see if I can reproduce it and report back soon.

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