Submissions crashing for all my wizards


Discourse Version: 2.9.0.beta9

Plugin Commit: 072a3ea1

Steps to Reproduce

After activating my subscription, I find that the bit to look at submissions for any of my wizards is broken.


A minor other thing is that when I click on Logs, it displays stuff just fine. But when I click on the Read More I get nothing.


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Looking at this now. Did you just perform an update or change the wizard in some way?

@NathanK I’ve pushed a fix for this please update and let me know how you go

Yeah, I updated in order to install the Subscriptions plugin! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All fixed now, bravo!

I like the new Submissions interface - nice! I especially love the Edit Columns feature.

I do notice a couple of things though:

  1. it doesn’t reveal that an image was uploaded
  2. the scrolling down hangs after about 30 items:

I can’t repro these. Could you add me to the instance where this is happening?

This is resolved in the latest version