Submission downloads .json only return the first 50 rows

When I go to download my submission data from a wizard with 200+ submissions, only the first 50 rows appear in the .json file.

This corresponds with the number of rows that are initially loaded on the submissions page for that wizard; however, scrolling down to load them all does not change the .json file.

Reproduced here on Coöp:

For me personally, this is urgent. But I can be sorted out by a little bit of help extracting the data from data explorer or via the CL.

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This looks like a 2 year old bug.

PR raised


Thanks Rob - brilliant!! Almost the record for a PR I reckon.

I’m a little surprised that I’m the first to raise it in that case.

Clearly not many folk are using the CWP to collect survey data. At least not surveys > 50 people!

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Good catch!

Nathan that’s merged. Can you please update and confirm resolution at your convenience?

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Yup - all good!!! Much appreciated, Rob.

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