Setup the Mentionables Plugin

Install the plugin

If you’re not sure how to install a plugin, please see

Setup a source: Google Sheets

Currently, the plugin only supports one source, Google Sheets. When more sources are added, the source setup steps will be broken into seperate topics

Setup your spreadsheet

You need to use specific column names for the plugin to import your data. There are required and optional columns.

Required Columns

name: The visible label applied to mentionable items
url: The url used in the link for the item (where the user is directed if they click on the item)

Optional Columns

slug: Item slug used in post markdown. If not provided, one is generated from the item name.
image_url: Url to item logo image.

Restrict to worksheets (optional)

By default, the plugin will search for data in these columns across all of the worksheets in your sheet. You can restrict the search to specific worksheets by entering the worksheet(s) GIDs in the mentionables google worksheet gids site setting.

Example Spreadsheet

Once your spreadsheet is setup add the url of the spreadsheet (just copy it from your browser) to this site setting: mentionables google spreadsheet url.

Setup Authorization: Google Service Account

Now you need to create service account credentials in Google’s Cloud Console.

  • Create service account credentials in Google Cloud Console (follow the “Console” steps in the step-by-step box half-way down the page).

  • Download the service account credentials in a .json file and copy / paste the private key and client email directly from the downloaded json into these site settings

    • mentionables google service account private key
    • mentionables google service account email
  • Enable the Google Drive API in the console account. This must be under the same account used to generate the service account.

Import the data

Now you have your source setup, head over to /admin/plugins/mentionables and click “Start Import” to start your data import. The messages in the importer will tell you what to do next.

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