Prospective clients discover us through the following channels

  • Through Discourse Meta
  • Through Google
  • Through Referral
  • Through Pavilion
  • Other (Linkedin, Github, etc.)

First Contact

After discovery, first contact happens through one of the following

Initial Consult:

  • Clients answer some questions on Calendly and then schedule a call with a Sales member. Changes in 2022 in sales/project management teams: More robust set of questions, potentially using conditional logic. Right now the member is determined through calendly though we may explore other options (wizard).

Paid Consult

  • Client pays in advance and answers same questions as above and books a time with a member through Calendly.


  • Client pays in advance for a pre-determined set of services with a different set of questions to answer per package. Packages are based on common asks that we’ve had over the last two years as determined by sales/project management teams.

The Calendly links for the all services includes a short description of who we are. For the initial and paid consult, it includes a checkbox selector for the services we offer (see below). For the packages, the offerings of the package will be well defined.

Services we offer:

Pavilion offers paid work for a variety of skills. Our areas of focus are Community Platforms, Websites, Identity, and Business.

  • Software Development (Web apps)
  • Site Administration
  • Consulting
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Training and Education
  • Project and Product Management
  • Identity

Platform Specific Expertise:

  • Discourse
  • Wordpress
  • Auth0
  • Shopify
  • Discord
  • Kustomer
  • Salesforce


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Ember
  • React
  • PHP
  • Go


  • Management Consulting
  • Software Consulting
  • Community Consulting

Sales Pipeline:

The sales pipeline is generally the same regardless of which method the client chooses to get in touch with us - the key difference being the moment payment is sent and received.

After selecting an initial consult, paid consult, or a package - the client is put in touch with the appropriate member for their case as defined in the previous section, usually a member on the sales or project team. In this call we’ll get more details on the project in order to prepare for next steps. The only case where there is no initial call is if the initial information sent by the client is clearly insufficient or not a good fit for us.

  1. Is the client’s project a good fit for what we offer?

    • If it turns out a pre-paid client is not a good fit for our services we will likely refund. Alternatively the price can carry over to a different custom project than what they initially paid for.
    • If it’s unclear whether a project is a good fit, let the client know we need to check if a particular member is willing to do the work.
    • If it is clear the project is a good fit, proceed.
  2. Can the client afford the work?

    • Get a sense of the client’s budget if you’re working with an initial consult. Usually you should be able to get a sense if they’re looking for less then $1000, les than $5,000, etc.
  3. Does the client understand how work will proceed?

    • Outline how communication will go with the particular client. Usually this will take the form of a category on our site. Also get a sense of what the expected timelines would be.
  4. Who’s doing the work?

    • The sales/project manager member decides a member or set of members suited for the task based on a combination of variables (member workload, previous member workload, member skills, member preferences).

Sales Transparency

After an initial call with a client, the member in the call writes a short summary in a member-only topic recording said calls. The topic will be in a member only private section of