Reply to existing topic action type

use case i had in mind is for new users to post an introduction. intros are partially a spam fighting measure (to get a feel for if a new user is a “normal” person in tune with the community’s niche interest) and also so people know where the user’s coming from and what he wants to learn.

i guess individual intro topics can be created in an intro category, but i’m just used to a single topic.

another use case i have in mind for this is as a generic contact/support form since i am reluctant to publicly expose an email address, but i’m not sure if that’s possible yet. for example, i don’t know if wizards can be used if you’re not logged in. can they?

@product_team for triage. See further


I’ve been caught by this limitation in the past, and have had to work around it by making a Category and Topics that I really didn’t want to. For the same exact use-case (which is a common one).

It would certainly add flexibility and enable things to be kept much tighter for joining Wizards.

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