Removing Steps at bottom of Form?

Hi there, for Forms with 1 Step only (just one page form), there is no need to have a “1 of 1” at the bottom of the Custom Wizard. How do we remove this line? Can we just hide it with CSS? But, then how would you hide it for only those Wizards that have 1 Step? Thanks.

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You should be able to create a theme component and apply it to only that wizard using the theme selector in the wizard, but this seems to be broken.

I can add this to my theme, and it hides it correctly:

body.custom-wizard .wizard-column .wizard-progress {
    visibility: hidden !important;

But, if I put this in a theme component or theme and use that in the wizard, it does not work. So unless I’m missing something, I do believe this is a bug.

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I just tried to do a similar thing using a theme and component and selecting them with the wizard and it didn’t work. So I also just put the CSS into my main theme on the site and it worked as a workaround.

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