Registered topic fields not working with wizard actions

Hey Pavilion team,

Great work on all the Discourse plugins so far!

I just had a question regarding Custom Fields in the Wizard. I created a custom field called event_type because I want to be able to know if an event will be Hybrid, In-Person, or Online. I was following the instructions here: Action Settings - documentation - Discourse Plugins but I don’t know what field_name means in topic.field_name.

I found that in another thread, to make the pavilion discourse-events plugin to work within the Wizard, I’ll need to map topic.event to the Wizard step & field that has the discourse-events plugin, and it works.

How do I go about mapping event_type (which is a topic custom field, have tried both string and JSON and have had no luck) to a user’s input from a dropdown selection (Hybrid, In-Person, Online)


When I try to print a topic’s custom_fields in the Landing Pages, I get the following:

    "preloaded": {
        "TopicEventStartsAt": null,
        "TopicEventEndsAt": null,
        "event_end": null,
        "event_rsvp": null,
        "event_going": null,
        "event_going_max": null,
        "location": null,
        "accepted_answer_post_id": null,
        "event_type": null,
        "speaker": null,
        "event_all_day": false,
        "event_start": 1661751000,
        "event_timezone": "",
        "event_version": 1
    "klass_with_custom_fields": "Topic"

I attempted the following:

text wizard field
topic.event_type Event Setup (step_1_field_2)
text wizard field
topic.type Event Setup (step_1_field_2)
text text
topic.event_type “Hybrid”
text text
topic.event_type Hybrid
custom field text
Topic event_type (string) Event Setup (step_1_field_2)

Do you have any other suggestions? To complete the circle, just want to confirm I created the custom field correctly as well: It is a: Class - Topic, Type - String, Name - event_type, Serializers -


Ultimately, I’d just like the following to happen for my custom field:


It works for events but doesn’t for my custom field. How can I get this done?

Thank you!

Hey, great first issue / question!

There was indeed a bug which was preventing registered topic custom fields from being used effectively in the create topic action. I’ve fixed that. Please update to the latest (1.22.9).

To achieve you goal you need:

  1. The registered custom field (which you’ve already got)
  2. A dropdown with the content set to the event type values
  3. A “Custom” entry in the create topic action that looks like this
    Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 10.02.47

Here’s an example wizard

discourse-wizards-1662105822.json (1.0 KB)

Thanks a bunch @angus ! Really appreciate your help on this, especially with the example wizard. Cheers!

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