Registered topic fields not working on stable

Hey @angus! We recently discovered that our usage of the custom wizard plugin on is leaving custom fields as null too – I’m suspecting its the same issue that you already fixed here.

We’re pinned to plugin commit f5fdb98290c00b848d5d1f4f99c8ed1f1ff620f5 (the latest on the stable branch).

We cannot update to the latest on main without our Discourse breaking/being unable to load, since we are pinned to the latest stable release of Discourse.

Would you also be able to apply this fix to the stable branch? :pray:

@blarouche I’ll take a look at this soon. Note that we now have a subscription system and dedicated support for subscribers. PM me on if you’re interested in that.

@angus Looks like I can’t DM you on – would you mind DMing me to start the conversation?

We’re interested in more about the subscription system :slight_smile: