Pavilion provides quality software and smart services, backed by our fair work system.

Quality Software

We build high quality software for Communities and Websites. You’ve probably used some of our software already, as most of it is open source and used on thousands of communities and websites. We provide subscriptions to organisations who want support or other services associated with our software.

Smart Services

We provide smart consulting services to organisations looking to improve their web resources or how they work. We consult on online community building, website development, project management and organisational restructuring. Our philosophy is to give the smartest advice, as early as possible, to save you the most money and time.

Fair Work System

We’re a cooperative, so we have members instead of employees. Our members have to regularly pass reviews in their area of expertise and contribute to the shared work of the co-operative. In exchange Pavilion takes no commission and charges no membership fee. Pavilion the organiation is a non-profit. Our members form a highly motivated and skilled teams, with more incentive to do their best work than in top-down organisations.