"Property set failed: object in path "custom_fields" could not be found"


  • Discourse chat is enabled

  • Category lockdown plugin is installed and configured on a few categories

  • Chat message in a category chat (not one where the lockdown plugin is configured for) is flagged for moderation

  • The /review page now crashes with

Error: Property set failed: object in path "custom_fields" could not be found.
    Ember 6
    create rest.js:94
    r Ember
    e chat-channel.js:85
    create chat-channel.js:48
    get chatChannel reviewable-chat-message.js:73
    getValue validator.js:629
    Ember 2
  • Disabling the category lockdown plugin resolves the issue

  • The category lockdown plugin inserted category custom fields for all categories, name redirect_url, value all empty, except one (not the category in question). Removing the category custom fields for this category does not resolve the problem.

Discourse: stable 3.1.2
Plugin: version at the time stable 3.1 was released so 2cf5f064b35c62d40f5be9a5c9f0f7c361a76078