👤 Profile Widget

The profile is a simple widget that displays the current user avatar, username, title (if any) and links to the user’s activity and messages.



Further details and functionality may be added to this widget over time. Suggestions welcome.

Would be good if /my/activity/portfolio could be a prominent link too. And /my/activity/bookmarks :+1:

Very nice features! (and I mean the whole layouts plugin actually :sweat_smile: )
I played a bit with some widgets and about this one, profile, I wonder if the “invites” link couldn’t appear conditionally (to the TL of the user, 2+, I think).

Hi !
Following much appreciated @keegan 's PR for the layouts plugin (scss and dark theme), I think there is one modification to be made here:

Thanks, nice catch! I have now updated this to a CSS custom property with this commit: