Problem with Agenda and Calendar topic lists

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Hi folks,

I’ve been building a new test site over the last two days, which means I’m on 3.0 since it just released. I’ve added the events and locations plugins, but my category topic list buttons don’t have Agenda or Calendar there. They work - if I set Calendar as the default view for the category, then I can get to it - but the buttons are missing.



Is this related to the 3.0 release perhaps?

Now on 2.8.14 (and on a very old version of the plugin) I can partly reproduce it. When I set the global settings to OFF and override it in the category, I don’t get the topic list buttons, UNTIL I refresh the browser, then they appear.

On 3.0 the buttons never appear, not even when enabled in the global plugin settings.

I’m looking at this now.

A temporary measure is to add “Calendar” and / or “Agenda” to the “Top Menu” (the plugin makes them available options). Not category-specific, but it works.

This is fixed in merge_events_integration.