Prefill values using URL parameters

I vaguely remember this was possible, but can’t find it in the documentation or code, so it could be my imagination / bad memory.

I would like to be able to prefill values in the CW using URL parameters, for instance which would preselect the “plugin” dropdown in step 2.

Yes, this should be possible using the permitted parameters step setting, i.e.

That should save whatever the plugin query param is as the submission for the “plugin” field, which is the key for the relevant field.

I think this should actually be moved to be a wizard-level feature though instead of a step-level one. Currently you have to visit the actual step it’s applied to directly for this to work. It shouldn’t matter which step you’re currently on.

There should also probably be a list of permitted values.

@merefield Maybe something for you to take a look at when you have time. It’ll be good to have a second pair of eyes on this feature.