Possible to insert/embed a custom wizard into topic?

I’m trying to use a topic as a form for people to input info that will then update their user profile. I’d love to have a category where each topic could have a different form for people to fill out and have those forms take different actions.

I’ve experimented with the new Discourse Form Templates and while they can exist within a topic, I think a category will use that form for every new topic, not embed it into a standalone topic. Also, I don’t think right now it just takes the data from the form and outputs it into a topic post, not saving it to a user profile.

Is it possible to insert/embed custom wizard forms into topics?

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I’ve never tried to do that, but I think that it will be possible by simply using an iframe in the topic markdown. You’ll have to enable your domain (or the specific wizard) in the allowed_iframes site setting.

Here is an example:

<iframe id="BugReportWiz" title="Pavilion Bug Report Wizard" width="600" height="600" src="https://coop.pavilion.tech/w/bug-report">

which gives this:


Ah, I didn’t think of that! I just tried it and it seems to work. When I first tested it, after completing the wizard, the iframe returned to show my forum inside my forum, so I created a topic and published it as page and added that as an Route To action of the wizard and voila, it seems to work well.

Thank you!

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