Output Templating

The output templating feature uses Liquid Templating Language for allowing the step, field descriptions, and post builder.

Checkout Liquid Docs here

Note: Always refer to the above documentation and not the one provided by Shopify as it has a lot of shopify specific commands which aren’t applicable here.

How to use wizard variables in the template?

Wizard variables can be used by wrapping them in double quotes. E.g.

{%-if "w{step_1_field_1}" contains "Topic" -%}
  It's a Topic
{%- else  -%}
 It's a PM
{%- endif -%}

What variables are available to use?

  • All the variables that are already available to the template.

How to get rid of the extra white space?

  • In liquid every line of code introduces a new line in the result.
  • To get rid of the extra line, use {%- -%} instead of {% %}.

Custom Filters

I’ve built a custom filter first_non_empty, which gives the first non-empty value from the set of values passed.

 {%- assign entry = "" | first_non_empty: "w{step_1_field_1}", "w{step_1_field_2}", "w{step_1_field_3}" -%}
  {{ entry }}