Next page jumps to middle of the form


Discourse Version: latest-release +62

Plugin Commit: 82aae6d3

Steps to Reproduce

When you have a long form and go to the next page it jumps to the middle rather than the top. See video:




@davidkingham Let us know if this fixes the issue (2.2.19)

I’m afraid not, still jumping to the middle of the page. Also, the character counter still doesn’t work…

Regarding the character counter see my updated fix here

Regarding this issue, I’m struggling to reproduce it. Can you see if you can reproduce it on your site? The wizard in the video no longer exists on your site in the same form.

I see what’s happening now, if I create a new wizard the counter does work. But, if I start with a textarea field and then switch to composer it stops working, even when I go back to a textarea field it doesn’t show up at all.

Regarding the page jumping to the middle, please see this one: Nature Photographers Network

That should be fixed now with the latest update.

This should also be fixed now once you update to version 2.3.0.

Fixed for textfield, but it seems to have broken the composer field. I really don’t need this so feel free to put it on the backburner.

Fixed, thank you!