Need to disable and enable events in every category


Discourse Version: 3.1.0.beta4

Plugin Commit: 0.2.4

Steps to Reproduce

I saw this had been reported before, but it sounded like it was resolved. However I just installed the Events plugin on a new instance and I need to disable and enable events on the category settings of each category for events to work properly.

One aspect of this that was rather confusing: I moved an event to a new category. It showed up correctly. But when I wanted to change it’s dates, the topic recorded the change, but the event date always reverted after the save. So I had to disable and enable events in this category as well for the date change to work.



It’s working now. Guess I’d need to create a new category to reproduce.

I’ve noticed that this is still occuring as well in and here in

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I just updated my staging instances and event settings seem to be more buggy than before? Now when I adjust the category settings, the changes don’t register. E.g. here is a setting that I uncheck and save, then it’s checked again after a browser reboot:

This PR will resolve this

(I’ll merge in a bit)


Merged. @nolo let me know how you go.


Thank you! Looking good :sunglasses: