Move Pavilion plugin options to /admin/plugins/

Over the last year or two, Discourse has moved some specific plugin options to the new /admin/plugins/ folder. Recently they have changed up the appearance so they appear as a tab bar:

You’ll note that the Pavilion plugins (purple box) appear in the admin bar (as they are /admin/wizards and admin/events respectively). This stuffs up the UI as Upgrade is then forced to shift to a new line.

The Discourse plugins (yellow box) are nicely tucked into the new plugins bar.


Can the Pavilion plugins please move to /admin/plugins/plugin-name as well?

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It’s not actually new, it’s just a formatting change from vertical to horizontal

Mentionables already sits there and always has.

As for why Wizard and Events aren’t there I’ll leave that for Angus to talk to but it may be because this route used to be very cramped horizontally because of the vertical Nav bar taking up significant space.

All that said, I agree it might be nice to be consistent.

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Yeah I know, but they’ve made it much more clearly a submenu of the admin settings now with that change (and I quite like it!).

And it has also freed up horizontal space markedly so that it is feasible to do all that fancy Wizard and Events stuff now without feeling cramped by the old vertical menu.

I stand corrected! Only CWP and Events could do with a move down a level. @angus is now pestered.

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