Mentionable UX bug - autocomplete list doesn't disappear after ENTER is pressed


Discourse Version: 2.9beta latest test-passed

Plugin Commit: 0.4.1 latest

Steps to Reproduce

To reproduce

  1. Open composer
  2. Enter +
  3. Either pick an autosuggested item or hit enter
  4. Autocomplete should disappear but doesn’t
  5. With every ENTER stroke the autosuggested item inserted. Instead a new like break should be inserted

Demo video of bug:


Bug happens on desktop an mobile
Reproduced on MacOS 10.6 + FF 104.0.2


Nothing in logs

These kind of tricky interaction issues are going to crop up every now and then as Discourse keep changing their composer. At the moment you’re the only person who we know of that uses this plugin. We can’t support it indefinitely for free for one user. If you want long term support for it we’ll need to discuss a support contract.

OK, let me know the next steps.