🗺 Map Widget

Our Locations Plugin allows you to associate geolocations with Discourse topics. You can read all about that plugin in #discourse:locations. If you have both our Locations Plugin and our Layouts Plugin installed, you’ll also get a new Map Widget you can use in your sidebar(s)!

The Locations plugin includes a few settings relevant to this widget

location layouts map search enabled

This will enable a small search input that allows a user to search through the locations on the map.

location layouts map show avatar

This will display the current user’s avatar in the top left hand corner of the map

The Map Widget hasn’t been updated in some time, so if you’re using it and would like some UI improvments or style tweaks, we’re quite open to requests or suggestions in that regard.

I love this! Works great.

Similar to the “Users Map” for the entire site based on profile data, is there any way to display user avatar images on the pins for the location map widget, based on the author of the post that created that location?

Not yet, but I’m in favour of this as a new feature. Could you make a seperate feature request for this one and describe the use case? I think we could realistically get to this in about 2 months or so, but it’d be good to have something ready to go.