Many Events plugin settings don't seem to be working

Since the last major upgrade / merge, I’ve noticed that several of the site and per category Events settings have issues.


With the latest Discourse + Events plugin, the setting events_all_categories doesn’t seem to do anything.

Additionally, I find that I have to turn Allow events to be added to topics in this category off, save, and then turn it back on (and save) in order to get events to work at all.

This has also been reported here:

Show agenda / calendar

Some random behaviour happens here. I think this might be due to change in the way the top menu items are handled in core - or just a new bug

events_agenda_enabled & events_calendar_enabled

The Calendar / Agenda items only appear in the top menu if they are added to top_menu; the plugin settings dosn’t seem to influence this at all.

However, if this is done, I get duplicates of Calendar in category topic lists:

The per-category settings for this don’t seem to work at all.


To get things sort of working okayish I’ve done this for now:

  1. manually turned on events (on/off/on) for all my categories where I need them.
  2. put Agenda into the top_menu site setting
  3. put a Category link in the hamburger

Yes, they’re working differently from before. The existing settings implementation was years old and needed a complete overhaul.

It does, but it confuses people. We’ve decided to remove it entirely (for now at least).

This is because in the previous version it wasn’t working as expected, i.e. it showed as “on” when it was not actually on. The current version works, so you may need to check and save (just the once) as you’ve described.

You no longer need to add the calendar and agenda items to the top menu. This was necessary when this was first implemented a few years ago. There was an issue with the agenda setting in this respect, which I’ve now resolved.

Yes, you may need to do this for existing usage of the plugin with then new system (depends on the usage).

Don’t do this.

Not sure what you mean here?

Wow - that is much better!! You fixed it faster than I could describe the problems.

Just this: events_hamburger_menu_calendar_link

Remaining issue

The only problem that I can see is that I can’t get Agenda to show up in Category topic lists.

I note that when I unselect the Show an agenda topic list in this category (and/or calendar topic list) and save, and then refresh the page, it seems as though my setting change doesn’t save:

That issue is being caused by a theme or theme component on the ehealth forum. If you select the “Vanilla Theme” the agenda topic list will appear as expected.

:man_facepalming: - yup that was me forgetting about the bit of CSS I had in my main theme component which hides them. Sorry - and thank you for taking a direct look.

All is good on this front now!

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