layouts-category-list-widget is setting text to background color

We’re currently updating forums to 3.2 with Ember 3 as discussed here.

The category list widget is for some reason setting the foreground color to the background color, making all content in layouts sidebar invisible.

aside.sidebar { color: var(--secondary); }

in Blaming layouts-category-list-widget/common/common.scss at main · paviliondev/layouts-category-list-widget · GitHub

@jumagura I see this is a fairly recent change, can you please have a look and see why this is being done?

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Hi Richard,

This is fixed. It was my mistake that occur when I was updating a client theme. I mixed and make those changes (colors and a border) on the layouts-category-list-widget. I’m moving those changes to the client theme and restoring previous style here.

Thanks for your help