Journal plugin for discourse 3.3 - further development

Hey guys,

Since the journal plugin will break on 3.3, we are interested in (co?)-sponsoring further development of the plugin. And possibly add some customizations.

I mentioned previously to @merefield in another topic that our first idea was to use the exact same “engine” for comments as the post voting plugin: Discourse Post Voting Plugin - #137 by jrgong - plugin - Discourse Meta

What would be the cost to make it 3.3 compatible + changing the comments from regular posts to the one used by post-voting plugin?

Are there any other journal plugin users that would be interested in chipping in?

I am surprised that not many forums are making use of it. In our community, the diary/log categories are the most active ones and users absolutely love to document their projects.

Also our B2B clients get a lot of value by sponsoring such diaries, especially when you create contest subcategory.

@jrgong @coei You guys could possibly pool your resources

If you come up with a combined list of requests for the next phase of development, maybe get one or two others, I can give you a quote for it.

If you could give an overview of how you use it and some endorsement text I’ll post it on There isn’t actually a topic for the plugin yet on meta, which may be why it’s not used much. That’ll also give you an avenue to connect with other users of the plugin to decide what needs to be in the next phase of development.

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Just going to bump on this one @jrgong and @coei :slight_smile:

I’m keen to promote and extend this plugin. I’d need some kind of spec and budget for a phase 2. I’d be happy to help put that together, but I’ll need a clear indication from current users of the plugin (i.e. you guys) what your input enthusiasm is on that front.

I’m trying to convert a relatively high traffic subreddit into a discourse forum, and I’m bootstrapping all of this via my day job, so will be low budget until I can make it profitable. Happy to offer feedback or endorsements until then.

This extension is great, it covers a vital use case that most other platforms including nodebb don’t offer. It should be more popular!

I am drafting the post on meta as we speak actually :wink:

@coei may I ask which one? curious to see your use case

@angus CASE STUDY: Why a journal category could be the next big growth opportunity for your forum - community - Discourse Meta it’s out

feel free to leave some feedback underneath, I will edit my post accordingly


Send you a DM :slight_smile:

Here on coop or meta? I could not find any message from you in my inboxes