Issue with the event-rsvp modal

Sharing this report by @jrgong:

The error message:

The post it references:

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Next to this one, there are two additional modals to be converted to the new system: discourse-events/assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/modal at main · paviliondev/discourse-events · GitHub

I’m going to mark the plugin as broken on Meta for now.

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Are these covered by @angus’ latest fix?

I’m about to update my instance to the latest versions to check it out.

No, that latest fix left three modals in a non working state.

The RSVP modal is working with the latest.

Those are associated with the admin controls, which to my knowledge no-one is using.

Please revert this.


I have removed the “broken” tag from the meta topic.

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@angus I have my instance updated and it seems that your fixes have addressed the Ember 5 issues that I had encountered. Thanks so much for your support!

I really appreciate your attention on this. Is there somewhere that I can send you a donation in thanks?


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