Is it possible to upload .xlsx / .csv files in Custom Wizard?

Hi Pavilion Team,

Just wanted to check if I’m missing anything, I’m unable to upload .xlsx / .csv files in the Wizard. I have:

  1. Enabled the setting in authorized extensions and by adding csv and xlsx
  2. After selecting Upload Type in the field, under File Types, I’ve entered .xlsx, .csv

Am I missing anything? I get a PUT 422 (Unprocessable Content) error in console and it doesn’t let me proceed whenever I upload any .csv or .xlsx file. The file only contains test in the first cell to keep it short and ensure it’s not a file size issue. PDFs work fine though, so not sure if I’m just missing enabling a certain setting or something.


Hey Tim,

Yes, you can set up a wizard to upload xlsx and / or csv files. I’ve made you a short video demonstrating how to go about it


If you’re still having issues after following the above, let me know.

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Hey @angus ,

Thanks for the video! Super helpful. Not sure what I was missing the first time around as I added the setting both in Discourse and Wizard, but got it working thanks to you! Cheers :raised_hands:

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