Improve automated plugin error messages

The PMS will generate an automated ticket whenever a plugin status moves from “Compatible” to “Tests Failing” (if CI on the main branch of the plugin is failing) or “Incompatible” (a canary server plugin guard picked up an issue with the plugin). These automated messages could be improved in a few ways:

  1. The title of the topic.
  2. The content of the topic.
  3. The error details when the error is failing tests (i.e. ingesting the error from CI).


The error topics are generated by the Notifier class. In particular see

See also

cc @richard

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@richard On this topic, I’m not sure I agree with unlisting these topics. The are meant to be a signal, unlisting them dilutes that signal. I appreciate that they have not been a useful signal in the past, but I’m not sure that means they can’t be a useful signal with some of the issues addressed.

These topics are severely cluttering the support categories and at this moment they do not contain useful information*, which basically means they’re only cluttering the support channels (at this moment!)

People have complained about this in the past and I’m myself a bit unhappy with this (apparently unfinished) functionality running in a public category on a production instance as well, since it makes me miss actual bug reports. I have asked a few times whether these messages could be moved elsewhere but that has not been addressed yet. Which I understand - we’re all busy - but in the meanwhile I’d rather not have this interfere with our day to day operations any more than needed.

*) except for admins. And unlisting them does not hide them for us admins, so I thought that would be acceptable for everyone.

I think you might be overstating the problem a bit. We fixed a specific issue with them. We need to see the effect of that fix. We won’t if they’re unlisted.

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The automated messages are coming in again. Is there anything I can do to help getting this fixed?

The cause is what I’ve described above. It’s because CI is failing on the main branch of the Custom Wizard plugin. When someone improves the CI <> error report integration it’ll address the issue.

The CI <> error reporting concerns the interaction between these three classes

I don’t have the time to fix it right now.

edit I’ve scheduled in some time this evening to take another look at the CI <> notifier issue

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@richard I’ve raised a PR for this. The PR notes and code should be relatively self explanatory. Let me know what you think

FYI the “Discourse Plugin” workflow is a new standardised workflow for plugins which CDCK have published. I’ve been migrating our plugins to it, e.g.

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This is now deployed.