implement configurable notifications for upcoming calendar events


Discourse Version: 3.1.2

Plugin Commit: 0.2.11

Steps to Reproduce

currently, there is no way to get notified in advance about an event that is in the discourse calendar. It would be highly beneficial to have a notification system that would i.e.

  • add a button to the topic view whenever there is a calendar event linked to it, allowing user to sign up for a notification

  • have a bot write a post @’ing all of these users a few days in advance (could be configurable in the plugin settings)

Thanks @autonomic - we appreciate your suggestions.

Users can simply ‘watch’ the topic of course, but I can see you are after something more sophisticated. I also note that the official plugin has a reminder feature.

If you have a budget, we’d be delighted to discuss adding these features with you.