How to safely disable (or re-enable) the Multilingual plugin, without leaving a load of unnecessary tags

The best current process for disabling the plugin should be:

Assuming you have Multi-lingual plugin installed and enabled.

  1. Go to Tags → Manage Tag Groups
  2. Select “Multilingual Content Tags” and “Delete All”
  3. Disable Multi-lingual plugin

Which will take care of the unnecessary tags which would otherwise be left. Re-enable the plugin if you forget and disable it after. A refresh of the browser may be necessary after re-enabling the plugin.

We will investigate ways to automate a population check upon re-enabling the plugin, but in the meantime, if you wish to re-enable the plugin at some point, that’s no problem, just:

  1. Re-enable the Multi-lingual plugin
  2. Go to Tags → Manage Tag Groups
  3. Select “Multilingual Content Tags” on the normal Tags Group maintenance page and “Update all tags”, which brings them all back again.

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Hey Rob, I just re-enabled this plugin after not using it for many years :grimacing: obviously back then there wasn’t a way to delete the tags, so now I have a bit of a mess. There are no tags in the tag group and when I edit the tag groups I see this:

Is there any easy way to clean this up?

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Not that I’m aware of, sorry. You’d need to get someone to take a deep dive on that.