How to localise custom text at a wizard


I’m new at this community and Discourse, so, I’m sorry if this question has been aswered before.

I was wondering if is there any way to localise the custom text from a wizard. For example, considering the following wizard:

I would want to localise the text surrounded by the red square.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for your question!

So you want to make the custom text of a wizard localise?

I’m not sure that is possible; my understanding is that the multilingual plugin is focussed on forum content i.e. posts.

Site text is translated in core via localisations in the back end code.

My guess is that it would take some specific development work to make this plugin and the multi-lingual plugin inter-operate (i.e. $$$).

Hi @NathanK,

Thank you very much for your response. As we use the wizard for the onboarding of the users, I will translate the text into the different languages we offer.


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One approach you might find helpful would be to have as much of the text as possible outside of the wizard - so that the multi-lingual plugin can act on it.

And then keep the wizard for the bare minimum functional stuff, so that you don’t need to translate too much.